IP devel


IP Devel is a company specialized in delivering IT outsourcing solutions in the integrated systems field. In the summer of 2006, IP Devel was acquired by Adecco. The IT division of the Adecco group is now worldwide leader in temporary personnel placing.



NNC faced two main challenges: the promotion campaign for the favourite employer name on the specialized market and the problem of the work force fluctuation, specific for the IT field. In a field where the workforce is very tight, human resources are monopolised by the big players on the market, such as Siemens, Oracle or IBM. Thus, the small and medium companies have big difficulties in attracting the necessary workforce. After the acquisition, Adecco had to decide whether its own brand was powerful enough to attract the necessary workforce in the IT field or if they should keep the company’s initial name, IP Devel.

Also, another challenge was to find the best solution for making the transaction from the IP Devel potential employee’s point of view, a medium-sized innovative company, to Adecco IT, a leader in its domain. In this context, NNC had to find the best way to identify which name has a stronger impact on the potential employees.

Another major challenge related to finding the best name after the acquisition had to do with the way of performing a market analysis: procuring a database and achieving significant statistical results.