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In the B2B environment, a video marketing strategy will help you promote your business, encourage leadership practices, build social media communities and increase the clients’ engagement rate. Studies confirm customers’ interest in watching and engaging with video content:

more than 50% of consumers are interested in watching videos from the brands they like (HubSpot)
75% of top managers watch work-related videos on a weekly basis (Forbes)
video materials can increase the website’s conversion rate by 34% (Aberdeen Group)
marketers who use video content generate 63% more income from their marketing campaigns (Aberdeen Group)

  • Video Marketing
Is So Powerful For Your Business?

Increases brand awareness and builds trust

A video has the potential to present your brand and your services to the audience better and more efficiently than written content does.

Makes you more attractive to search engines

With YouTube being considered the second largest search engine, having a B2B video marketing strategy will increase your brand’s visibility.

Increases the conversion rate of your website and newsletters

The actions of your prospects can be influenced by B2B videos if they are answering the specific needs and behaviours of your audience.

Reaches more mobile users

Whether you want to talk about your brand’s culture or promote your solutions, your videos will satisfy the need of mobile users to access information anytime and anywhere.

Increases your impact on social media

In the social media era, it’s important to take into consideration that 93% of businesses reported acquiring a new client from online channels thanks to video content.

Generates more leads

Adding video content to your website can boost the conversion rate up to 80% while including videos in your email campaigns can increase the click rate by over 90%.

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