Marketing Automation Tools Integration

Integrate marketing systems! Get ROI off of your marketing tools!

What are your marketing tools?  Are you happy with the marketing automation tools ROI? Do you need any support when it comes to integrating and managing all the marketing cloud solutions? Are you making the most of your marketing investments? 

  • Experienced team in marketing automation
  • 10+ years of supporting technology driven companies get the most out of their marketing investments
  • Trained consultants on most marketing technology tools (eg Hubspot, Marketo, Google Analytics, Salesforce, Skrapp, HootSuite Pro, GrowBots, Tableau, MailChimp and much more).
  • Seamless integration and collaboration with your marketing team
  • Day to day maintenance, support and management of the tools with detailed dashboards and reports
  • Demonstrated ROI on your marketing tools in under four weeks!

Your own marketing and demand generation backbone!

With a proven track record of marketing software integrations, we take a methodical approach featuring the following steps: 

Consultancy –> Implementation –> Integration –> Management –> Support

  • Stay information organized!
  • Free up time for strategy and management!
  • Get your marketing data and make the most it!
  • Use our cost-effective marketing automation and integration solutions, so you get more results with less investments!

Marketing automation tools integration and support packages

Integrate tools3 (i.e. Mailchimp, Wordpress, Wix, Hubspot and Hootsuite)5 (i.e.: Constant Contact, Hubspot, Hootsuite, Drupal, Salesforce, Skrapp, etc.)7  (i.e Uniqua, Silverpop, Salesforce, Dynamics, Pardot, etc.)10+
Tool Implementation Support
Content Curation10 hours/month20 hours/month40 hours/month+160
Social Media  (Networks examples: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Quora, Instragam, etc.)1 update per day, 3 networks2 updates per day, 3 networks3 updates per day,5 networks3-5 updates per day, 5 networks
Maintenance and Marketing Tools Support Tasks10 hours/month20 hours/month40 hours/month+80 hours/month
Web Development Maintenance (landing pages, content fixes, website updates)10 hours/month20 hours/month40 hours/month+80 hours/month
Weekly Reports, Analysis, ROI and KPI reporting and weekly direct calls with dedicated project manager
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