B2B Marketing Plan

Every successful business has a detailed, strategic and tactical marketing plan based on four pillars:





You should outline a plan to deal with challenges
Although these detailed plans may cover each of the 4Ps (marketing mix), the focus will vary, depending upon the company’s specific strategies. NNC’s team can help you create a solid marketing plan and takes into consideration at least four stages: 

  • Market Research. The best place to start is with some straightforward research. You need to find some answers, for example when would be the proper time to deliver the perfect product at the best price with the optimum message to the right audience.
  • Analysis and Planning. At this stage, the marketing consultants will synthesize and analyze the findings and use the data to deliver the value you promise.
  • Action. The NNC team will be in charge of translating your marketing plan into action through all aspects of the marketing mix.
  • Measuring Results. To be successful in the long run, our consultants will track results and outline the objectives that you need to achieve.
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