Values, Vision & Mission

CUSTOMER Orientation

  • We understand who the client is, what he needs and why we serve him

  • We fundamentally contribute to the client's business success

  • We listen, understand and work in the client's favor

  • We are aware of the value we bring to the client

We are 101% involved

RESULTS Oriented

  • The results matter

  • We do more with less

  • We work with a sense of emergency

  • Any difficult situation is an opportunity for development and finding solutions

We create solutions

Positive attitude towards CHANGE

Generate changes, take initiative, search for alternatives!

Embrace changes!

Suggests and implements changes!

Lead the change towards success within the company!

Be open to accept any possibility!

Be flexible to understand all aspects!

NNC people

  • We encourage autonomy (DO IT YOURSELF) and taking responsibility for our actions
  • We encourage personal and professional DEVELOPMENT
  • We are PASSIONATE about our work and we BELIEVE in what we do


  • Anytime!
  • About anything that’s on your mind!
  • Meaningfully!
  • Anything that brings value!
  • Communicate!

101% dedication

We understand who our customer is and his needs and we fundamentally contribute to his success on the market. We support our customers in their business and we are totally dedicated to their projects.

Solution generation

We are always aware that any difficult situation has its success opportunities and new development paths and we are always looking for solutions whenever we encounter a problem. We never delay any of our projects and we give our best at solving problems as fast as we can.

Openness to change

We generate changes, take initiative, look for alternatives, and create solutions. We are open to embrace new approaches and we are flexible in understanding all the aspects of a project or situation.

Collaborative team

We work in a collaborative spirit and respect our teammates, partners and clients because we consider that together we can succeed and any problem can be solved by communicating.

We encourage work autonomy and we are responsible for our actions and decisions

We consider that most of our success comes from being responsible for what we do and what we think.

We are passionate about our work and we believe in what we do

We add value to what we create and we give our best in satisfying our clients’ needs.

We encourage personal and professional continuous development

We try to become better all the time and we never stop learning.

We understand how valuable your brand and customer engagement is to your business. Our engagement process is designed to keep you in control of the voice used to communicate with the marketplace and provide complete visibility and control over the process. From the initial stages of understanding your objectives and strategy, to the ramp-up process where your brand voice is tweaked and processes for communication handoffs are made, to the detailed metric and project reporting, our entire process is designed to keep you in control. We adhere to industry best practices to ensure that your project is scoped, documented, managed and implemented effectively