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How To Get More Customers With Online Advertising

Google Ads Services enable your business and website top ranking

Whether you want to improve your current PPC campaigns or you want to create and implement new campaigns for your business account, we can help you!

With more than 15 years in the B2B market, NNC Services has a cutting-edge expertise and certified Google Ads professionals . Our team of certified experts will help you drive qualified business leads, combining the power of search with our reach lead generation background.

Our Google Ads certified consultants will evaluate your needs and work with you to implement the right solution!

NNC Services is your Google Ads Certified Partner Agency

The NNC Services team of certified Google Ads experts will go length and in-depth with a methodical understanding of your competitive marketplace. We will thoroughly study your products and services to optimise, create, manage and adjust the Google Ads campaign, to generate leads that convert into customers!

Our team will work on your Google Ads ( aka Google AdWords) campaigns and account with a special emphasis on the keywords that will bring traffic, leads and customers to your website. In the initial setup, the keyword research will determine the most cost-effective targeted strategy for attracting customers who are looking for your products and services. Using powerful research tools and in-depth experience, we will create effective Google Ads aimed at meeting your target cost per lead. Investing in Google Ads will help actively searching customers find your website in a much shorter time than with traditional SEO techniques (search engine optimisation).

As a Google Ads partner we work at the highest standards required by such certification .

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    NNC Services has met all of the requirements to be a Partner. Learn more about the Google Partners program and the requirements to become a Partner or Premier Partner.

    Your Google Ads setting requires 7 stages

    • Initial Google Ads Audit

      A Google Ads Certified Professional will consult with you on understanding your long term business goals and objectives and how the PPC campaign will help you achieve that.

      Your Google Certified Consultant will help you understand your targeted customer and buyer online behaviour, what are your competitions doing in the digital space to attract the audience and how you could outrank these while improving your curent traction and engagement metrics.

    • Google Ads Objectives and Strategy

      The campaign goals are translated into a clear strategy and action plan.

      Examples of Google Ads goals may be creating digital awareness from your brand, increasing website traffic or generating leads.

    • Landing page creation

      Landing Page Design and Content Copywriting are specifically tailored and implemented to meet your campaigns goals. On top of creating and reviewing your landing page we perform a lot of A/B testing to make sure it meets all the desired goals.

    • PPC Keywords research

      A critical step in Google Ads Setting is the keyword extensive research and analisys to create the keyword list. Choosing the right keywords form the list where you have the highest return potential is paramount.

    • Google Ads Creation and Content

      Careful Ad copywriting needs to comprise the right keywords selected in the keyword research phase as well as selecting the relevant URLs for maximum return on your budget and Google Ads investment.

    • PPC Campaign Implementation

      Google Ads Setting consists in both setting and reviewing your Google Ads account as well as other tools like the Google Search Console or Google Analytics. In this phase your dedicated consultant will setup campaign and tracking. As over-spending and under-tracking are classical mistakes in most Google Ads campaigns we took over and optimised, you need to make sure your contractor is skilled, certified by Google and all of your budget is spent in conversions getting better with your goals as you progress with your campaigns.

    • Google Ads Monitoring & Reporting

      Constantly checking Google Analytics and optimising campaigns- constantly insures the highest ROI from your Google Ads budgets. Robust reporting is an important component in the way we engage with most of our partners and customers as this is one of the main components in CRO – conversion rate optimisation but also in thee transparency of the results. Accountability is a company wide value in the way we engage with each project. We leverage the weekly reporting sessions between you and a certified NNC Services consultant to educate your team on best practices and project opportunities.

    Google Ads Management Services

    Google Ads Management

    PPC Strategy and Management 

    Extensive Keyword Research

    Competitive Analysis

    Ad Creation and Content

    Mobile Ads 

    Campaign Keywords

    Landing Page Design and Content Copywriting

    Landing Page CRO (conversion rate optimisation)

    Google Display Network

    YouTube Ads 

    Long term analisys and performance optimisations

    Monthly Reporting and Conversion Rate Optimisation

    Gmail Ads 

    Conversion Monitoring and Remarketing

    Ads Scheduling and Geotargeting

    Google Analytics integration, Analytics Setting and Configuration

    Website trafic montioring and conversion rate optimsiation 

    Google Ads perfromance testing 

    Competitior Monitoring and Benchmarking

    Weekly Goal Tracking and Optimisation (clicks, conversions) 

    Weekly Access to Google Certified Professional

    Your suggested Monthly Google Ads Budget

    Google Ads Setting 

    (Initial one time fee )

    Monthly Goolge Ads Services RetAINER


    2 Ads

    10 targeted keywords per campaign

    2 landing pages

    500 $

    375 $


    5 Ads

    50 targeted keywords per campaign

    landing pages

    1500 $



    10 Ads

    100 targeted keywords per campaign

    landing pages

    2500+ $

    1525 $

    Pricing Table

    You will be charged with a one time setup fee and a monthly fee for the PPC management services and you can choose an advertising budget spend that you are comfortable with.

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    Your Goole Ads Budget will turn into multiple dollars of profit and effective campaign ROI!

    Google Ads Setting Campaign

    Google Ads: B2B Prospecting Lead Generation Strategies and Tactics

    Score a Perfect 100% on Google PageSpeed Insights

    Score a Perfect 100% on Google PageSpeed Insights

    Latest SEO trends: increase your traffic and rankings

    Latest SEO trends: increase your leads traffic and rankings

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