Bondera Tile MatSet was introduced in 2009 into one of the largest Big Box retailers in the U.S. as an easy-to-use alternative to traditional tile setting materials. Capitalizing on the explosion of the Do-It-Yourself movement, Bondera Tile MatSet gave homeowners a fast, clean and easy way to apply tile, thus, making kitchen and bathroom upgrades an affordable DIY project.  Additionally, remodelers realized the productivity and value of Bondera’s peel and stick adhesive because a tile job could be completed in one day with Bondera versus two or more days with traditional tile setting materials.  They could now do more jobs in a week, use fewer workers per job and reduce travel expenses.

Bondera Tile MatSet is available nationwide in the U.S and Canada.


The client chose NNC Services through our referral network. They wanted – a company able to support and promote its products and events by managing the social media activity and increasing interactivity and visibility in the online environment.

Also, the client wanted to be positioned as a brand leader in peel and stick adhesives that simplify the installation of tile, decorative wood trim and moulding.