Strategic Approach Increased Visibility Of The Company As An Employer


OSF Commerce is part of OSF Global, a global leader in the development of Cloud and Connected Commerce solutions. With over 120 ongoing projects and eight years on the market, OSF delivers innovative digital solutions suitable to a large scale of channels, devices, and geographical areas.

OSF Global estimates for 2019 a significative growth for their number of employees, a fact that is also sustained by the new offices in Craiova, Pitesti, Odessa, Cernauti, Montreal, and Lille that they have opened in 2018.

Project Goals

☑ Grow awareness for the company

☑ Define the company culture

☑ Communicate values to employees

☑ Enable the company to get higher qualified applicants

☑ Build a new career page


To work on these challenges, a series of activities were defined and conducted on different channels:

Employer Branding Playbook outlined according to the results of the survey implemented to determine the organizational culture and company values

Content development on Career page and Blog section and also new job descriptions

Keyword Analysis & Recommendations for dedicated Adwords Campaigns that can raise the rate of jobs applicants

Editorial plan for written and online press

Press releases and PR activities for office openings, interviews, two articles/month on relevant websites for possible future employees

Online and Print campaigns based on news regarding the new offices’ openings, articles, and interviews on hot topics that positioned OSF as an expert in the field

Internal communication materials for raising awareness of the company’s values and define the organizational culture

Proposals for employee reward system and also internal activities, like teambuilding, that can be organized for the current employees to strengthen the team and bring more clarity for the company’s values


During our collaboration so far on employer branding, NNC’ s marketing activities generated for the client a series of materials that can be used in the long term to increase their awareness in the market. All of that had as a primary purpose of increasing the visibility of OSF as an employer and increasing the number of applications and quality of applicants for available jobs.

The Adwords campaign has performed above expectations, with an increase in website traffic of over 10% every three months, as well as an
increase in job applicants quality. Also, due to the internal monthly events that were organized for the current employees, the
values and overall culture of the organization are now well-defined and better understood internally.