Our client is a company specialized in software engineering, providing a range of services and products in this field. Services cover customized software solutions to manage different types of company data, IT consultancy as well as e-commerce. The client is addressing both end clients and business partners who wish to outsource. It also offers products – applications that help manage the data systems and communication within its clients’ company infrastructure.


  1. For the client

The client’s main challenge was keeping the reins on a growing business. The company desired to expand its reach by identifying clients and partners in the UK and Northern European countries. Other objectives were increasing the team and diversifying the services portfolio, which themselves posed challenges.

  1. For the NNC dedicated team

For the NNC dedicated team, the main challenge was to identify the best way to market the client’s services and products as to generate leads. As the client was new to strategic sales activity and had no market feedback, experimenting with different markets was necessary to see which tactics produce the best results.