Highly Engaging Lead Generation Webinars For Emerging Low-code Technologies


Plant an App is a low-code development start-up that helps companies around the world build business software faster and accelerate their digital transformation.

The company helps any small and medium-sized business to create, edit, and manage web apps with little to no coding knowledge, while also dramatically accelerating software delivery, by up to 20 times. The platform offers dozens of easy-to-configure modules, from API Builder to eMail Marketing, with several hundreds built-in actions that companies and developers can use.

Project Goals

☑ Grow market presence and size

The overall objective of the consultancy project is to improve the market adoption of Plant an App by developing an intensive marketing program that includes 3 webinars over 3 months, along with the instruments needed to ensure their success

☑ Raise awareness in targeting vertical and geographical markets about PlantAnApp’s low-code services

Most of Plant an App’s current customers are US-based, large or mid-market enterprises, with strong needs for digital transformation. The verticals the company serves most are healthcare, financial services, telco, and association management.

☑ Increase the number of sales-qualified leads by converting webinar participants to customers

Once the participants get through the whole process of getting targeted, informed about a technology that could help with their pain points, and understood how fast and reliable low-code is, the next step is to attract them into a valuable discovery conversation related to their challanges, needs and possible collaborations.


Plant an App has reached new audiences and created more engagement for the ones who were already following them on their main channels: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

During the 3-month period of hosting webinars, the marketing efforts towards promoting the events brought Plant an App new visibility on the social networks and allowed them to start sales discussion with a few potential customers attracted through the webinar.

The new approach to digital events has created a community of low-code enthusiasts and industry specialists who now follow and engage with the online activity, giving the brand a positive reputation and brand awareness.

The Solution

3 webinars showing the advantages and benefits of low-code have been organised. Before starting working on the deliverables, the two teams have established the main responsibilities of each side and the available resources and requirements from each team.

All three webinars followed the same guidelines and were organized by the same scheduling, while the theme, the speakers, and the targeted audiences were established ahead of each event.

For each webinar, we targeted prospects belonging to the main audience via LinkedIn and approached them through direct messages and invitations to the event page. Relevant Facebook and Linkedin groups were researched in order to promote the webinar on this channel as well.

We delivered promotional posts that followed the same visual identity used for the landing pages, managed to increase the number of followers, and create organic engagement and interactions on the event pages that were created. The number of total posts for each network was 45, gaining a number of 576 social media events registrants.