Intelligence Act


The client is a brokerage and staffing company in the IT field, connecting Western European companies in need of software development specialists willing to work on-site with skillful human resources from Romania. The client is addressing mostly small and medium enterprises activating in a wide range of industries, that need IT personnel for developing software in-house.


The Western European job market in countries such as Germany, Denmark, Norway, UK, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium or Austria finds itself facing an acute lack of available IT specialists in their home country. According to a research study carried out by NNC Services for the client, this is one of the top three reasons (among the need to cut the high costs of in-house software development and slow time to market) why consider outsourcing the IT component of their business. Some of these companies, mostly in Switzerland, Germany or Norway would consider outsourcing mainly because of the lack of personnel, which indicates the stringent need to have IT specialists on-site. Other countries such as Austria are dedicated to in-house IT because they want 100% control over their business and teams.

The main challenge was thus promoting the client’s services in a medium where 1.  the legislation is slowly starting to be less prohibitive of immigration and working permits and 2. the alternative is outsourcing.