Envolure is a French scientific startup based in Montpellier, France, activating in the field of Biotechnology. Envolure commercializes a set of analytical solutions for simple and rapid characterization of wastewater and organic waste, and also for life science research, pharmaceutical and medical diagnostics.

Envolure recently created Luminix, the smallest micro-plate reader in the world, a unique tool that provides superior reading performance for measuring samples directly from the field. Envolure’s clients are global producers of  Liquid Handling & Robotic equipment, Microplate readers, Microplate Washers and Accessories.  In order to launch Luminix, the client addressed NNC Services and Atelier Media, a Web and Graphic Design agency, for branding and demand generation services.


The client needed to create awareness on the launch of Luminix among microplate equipment producers. The client also needed to create a strong brand image around Luminix.