Google Ads PPC Leads for Cybersecurity Business Case Study


SEO and PPC Campaign Case Study for B2B Cybersecurity

Morphisec is the world leader inproviding a proactive securitysolution for enterprises aroundthe globe, that can automaticallyblock modern attacks from theendpoint to the cloud.

The main goals of the SEOcampaign were to increase trafficfrom organic search and improverankings for relevant keywords, toearn more leads, sales, andrevenue.

In other words, to boost theonline presence of the businesswith a clear return on sales .

Project Goal

This proactively creates aprevent-first posture against themost advanced threats to theenterprise, including APTs, file-based malware, zero-days,ransomware, file-less attacks, andweb-borne exploits. Thiscomplete endpoint securitysolution easily deploys into acompany’s existing securityinfrastructure to form a simple,highly effective, cost-efficienttechnology stack that is trulydisruptive to today’s existingcybersecurity model.


By following the SEO plan focused on users’ search intent, content strategy, and technical maintenance, we achieved higher rankings and positions in the SERPs. Improved search rankings generated targeted traffic to the client’s website, building trust and enhancing its credibility in the digital space.

The Solution

Our marketing strategy contained a list of SEO techniques that match search intent better, helping our client to appear in more relevant search results, and also to improve user experience. This SEO plan included several foundational pillars, including technical SEO, content strategy, on-page SEO, link building, and SEO consulting

To increase the results generated by the SEO campaign, we also used paid traffic, targeting keywords with high competition.

SEO campaign results:

  • Increase the number of #1 Rank keywords from 1 to 185
  • Increase the number of #10 Rank keywords from 1 to 578
  • Increase the number of #50 Rank keywords from 14 to 1,437

SEO and PPC together made our overall marketing results better.This translates into:

  • Improved search engine presence,
  • Increased leads and sales, and
  • Higher ROI.