The client, is a web and app studio based in Bucharest. BrandUP collaborates with highly rated brands and agencies in order to provide them with creative web, social and mobile applications. BrandUP is addressing both final clients from a wide range of industries, and agencies that need developing apps for their clients. The markets BrandUP usually targets are UK, Northern Europe, USA.


The client started as a branding agency, slowly shifting its focus towards video platforms and digital apps. They knew they needed a change in terms of positioning and profiling since they wanted to start promoting their own digital services. Given this context, some of the main challenges we confronted with are:

  • The client needed to understand how to position and define its new solutions and strategy
  • The client had a highly skilled and innovative technical team, with an impressive portfolio, including tailored online video platforms and online video production, but these were not well known.
  • The client needed to promote its services based on a value proposition that outlined quality not the price, although the market expectation for a CEE outsourcer was lower rates.