Study: Lead generation, a development strategy adopted by 90% of the large IT&C companies in Romania

NNC Services announces the results from the latest study regarding the challenges that Romanian IT&C companies are currently facing with

Bucharest, 23rd of February 2017 – NNC Services, a marketing and consulting services company, specialized in IT&C field, announces the result from the study „Dezvoltarea unui business de IT&C in Romania”

The study was conducted among small, medium and large IT&C companies in Romania and analyzes the strategies used by these for business development. 55.3% of respondents are from companies with 10-49 employees, 21.3% of the companies with 50-249 employees, 17% of the companies with less than 10 employees and 6.4% of the respondents are from companies with over 250 employees.

Email marketing, SEO and markets and event attendance are the main methods for lead generation

According to the study, a large segment of the Romanian IT&C companies is considering lead generation activity as being an excellent opportunity for business development. The main lead generation method used by all the IT&C companies, regardless of their size, is email marketing. Thereafter, each company, depending on its size and budget, choose different strategies, embracing either a mix between email marketing and SEO (70% of medium companies) or email marketing and participation in fairs and relevant events (over 65% of companies with more than 50 employees).

Defining the strategy, an important step in the lead generation process

According to more than 40% of the Romanian IT&C companies, developing a well-defined strategy, since the beginning of the activity, is a crucial step in achieving the desired objective.  As for the resources used for the lead generation activity, most of the companies spend less than 80 hours per month, although the results may vary according to their size. Thus, companies with up to  50 employees achieve more that 11 leads per month, and larger companies somewehere between 1 and 3 leads per month.

The main challenges for the IT&C companies are related to the implementation of different methods of generating leads

Although lead generation activity is successfully being used by most of the Romanian IT&C companies, they still encounter some difficulties in implementing various approaches. Email Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, Paid Search and Social Media are some of the challenges that most of the surveyed companies are currently facing with.

“Generating sales opportunities in Business-to-Business IT&C sector, represents a complex process, and, up to a point, obtaining new customers is achieved referentially. Once a business is expanding, generating constant new sales opportunities is essential for the organization’s survival. However, at the same time,  many companies are investing time and effort in such activities without having a defined strategy, nor a clear vision of the results that a carefully planned and executed activity might bring”. Alexandra Coțovanu, Chief of Lead Generation Department, NNC Services

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