Innovation in PR: “PR as a Service”

Agencies and companies can reduce PR costs by over 50%

Marketing consulting company, NNC Services, launches new service on Romanian market – “PR on demand”

Bucharest, 23 June 2010 – NNC Services, Romanian consulting company in marketing and management, launches “PR as a Service” services in premiere on Romanian market. They primarily aim full-service advertising agencies, web, creation or communication, of any size, that have the opportunity to reduce PR costs by more than 50%. A secondary target of the new services is the end customers, especially medium and small companies that can afford such quality services, quickly and efficiently.

Creating “PR as a Service” is a response to frequent requests agencies receive from customers to provide specific elements of PR, unlike costly contracts and commitments that are not always effective and binding on both parties. Moreover, this approach to the PR services is a novelty worldwide as well, and can be considered a consequence of the need to reduce costs, amid difficult economic situation.


Creating internal PR services requires the allocation of a special man or a team, but also additional costs such as taxes or charges with staff. With such costs, many companies give up PR services, a wrong decision for the company’s performance. By choosing “PR as a Service” PR costs are reduced by over 50% without affecting the quality of services, but without demanding contracts and hidden costs.

“I noticed this tendency of customers to requesting from agencies specific items of PR.  A press release, a report of media monitoring, content for a website or a brochure. Therefore, the NNC meets these agencies wishing to subcontract services in a punctual manner to streamline the process, especially the cost of producing, distributing and monitoring these press items. We have the experience and specialists to provide the best PR services on demand at competitive prices for the local market.” says Loredana Niculae, Managing Partner at NNC Services.


Agencies may require Public relations services both as packets and as individual items, depending on customers’ requests.

Furthermore, “PR on demand” services can be provided to companies wishing elements of PR. NNC’ Services turns into the virtual PR team of the company, but without the need for a long-term contract or costly commitment from the client. Thus, any company, of any size, can afford writing, sending and monitoring of a press release, for example, which, until now, was only available as part of long-term contracts, thick and expensive, and most of the times, not adapted to the size and needs of the client-company.

NNC Services proposes a pragmatic approach of PR services, based on its experience in marketing, management and sales consultancy. The company specializes in communication services for B2B companies. Thanks to this specialization, the main benefit gained by companies who choose “PR on demand” services offered by NNC is delivering results with little investment.


For questions or press information, please contact:

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Senior Marcom Consultant, NNC Services

PR & Communication Unit

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