Study: Educating clients, main priority for over 90% of IT&C companies

Study: Educating clients, main priority for over 90% of IT&C companies

NNC Services announces the results of its first study dedicated to communication in IT&C field.

Bucharest, May 2015 – NNC Services, the marketing and communication agency specialized in services for IT&C and technology field announces the results of the study “Communication and PR in IT field in Romania”.


The study is based on responses from 120 representatives – marketing and communication directors, sales directors, CEOs, marketing and communication specialists – and analyses their perceptions regarding the actions of the public relations sphere and their results. 29% of respondents came from companies with up to 10 employees, 37% from companies with 11-50 employees, 13% from companies with a number of employees between 51 and 100, 8% from companies with 101-200 employees and 14% come from companies with over 200 employees.


Profile events, the main promoting method

According to study results, the primary means of promotion that Romanian IT companies use is attending profile events (80% of companies), followed by promoting products and services through actions of direct marketing – emailing campaigns and telemarketing (64 % of companies). The online environment is an important communication channel, 40% of respondents being promoted through Google AdWords, 36% by buying advertising space on websites and nearly 29% using their company blog to promote themselves.


Educating customers, main priority

By implementing PR activities most companies (68%) aimed at increasing business opportunities by promoting new products, services and aspects that differentiate them from the competition. In an emerging market, the main priority of IT companies is to educate customers about the technologies that are sometimes very complex. 93% of companies feel the need to provide materials for customers to be able to sell services and software or hardware solutions.


PR actions, essential for recruiting IT specialists

Activities within the scope of public relations (press releases, press interviews, recruitment events, courses and free seminars for IT specialists) differentiate companies in the perception of potential employees, influencing the choice of an employer over another. 38% of respondents declared that following communication activities, interest in hiring specialists in the companies they represent increased significantly. As a result of this trend, in 12% of companies surveyed communication activities are taken and implemented by HR departments.


“It’s necessary to explore and understand which are the communication needs of Romanian IT&C companies. As in any other field, the task of a PR department is to build a close relationship, based on trust and professionalism, between a business and different audiences. Following collaborations that we had with IT&C firms from Romania, I noticed that sometimes PR services began to occupy a place in strategic planning, but overall they are not seen as a must-have, as in the US or Western Europe.” Loredana Niculae, CEO NNC Services


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