NNC Services becomes HubSpot Partner

NNC Hubspot Partner

NNC Services becomes HubSpot Partner

Bucharest, 20th of May 2019NNC Services, a B2B marketing consulting company with over 12 years of experience in the IT&C industry, announces it has joined HubSpot as a Certified Agency Partner.

Hubspot, the main global promotor of Inbound Marketing, known for its efficient automation and measuring tools for marketing activities, has granted NNC Services the Partner Status, thanks to the significant number of clients advised by the agency to join HubSpot, but especially for to the results obtained after incorporating innovative marketing strategies. HubSpot conducted a study to show the benefits of inbound marketing software, and the results spoke for themselves: inbound marketing strategies can generate 3 times more leads, while the costs can get 62% lower than outbound marketing costs.

NNC Services follows the same development trends as the big players in the marketing world.

During this year, the agency plans to prioritize inbound marketing activities and developing new strategies to bring innovative and effective solutions for its customers. The focus will move towards implementing the HubSpot platform in the customers’ websites and also to offering support in managing all the tools included within the platform.

The campaigns that NNC Services implements for its customers have proven to be very successful because of the agency’s experience within IT&C field, the multiple certifications obtained by its employers and also for the variety of services that the agency can provide for their HubSpot customers.

Considering the strategic partnerships between NNC Services and HubSpot, Salesforce or Adobe, the agency stands out as a certified provider of marketing services and technologies.

“In the context of continuous technological development, the need for an efficient workflow is becoming more prevalent. The automation of the marketing and sales department through new technologies and platforms such as Hubspot, Salesforce, and Adobe is not only helping companies increase their productivity, but it also offers new development perspectives in the industries they are part of. This digitization provides new resources to IT&C companies, and that will ensure sustainable development.” Loredana Niculae, President NNC Services.

To find out more about the complete list of services provided by NNC Services for companies that want to adapt their strategy to the current market requirements, follow the link below:


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