What Are IT&C Companies Doing to Motivate Their Employees?

We’ve seen in the past few years that Romanian IT&C labour market has experienced some massive changes. If a few years ago we had many available IT professionals, now companies have to implement various strategies to increase their retention rate.

Having those insights in mind, NNC Services, the leader in B2B marketing for technology companies in Romania, conducted the „IT&C Human Resources Market Barometer” study, to find out what motivates employees in this fast-growing sector.  The study has gathered over five hundred responses from IT&C specialist working in Romania, with various levels of experience and specialties.

Here is a list of questions that you’ll find an answer in the report:

  1. What generation is most present in this industry?
  2. Are employees satisfied with their wages?
  3. What factors could companies leverage to motivate different generations?
  4. What young employees need from companies compared to their elder colleagues?
  5. Are there any differences between companies with distinct sizes when it comes to motivation?
  6. What other benefits would employees want from companies?
  7. Why people change jobs in the IT&C industry?

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