Whitepaper: SaaS Pricing and Go-to-Market Models

Before deciding what type of pricing model your SaaS startup will adopt, you need to consider your audience, along with the costs involved by creating, deploying and updating the service. Once you know all these details, you can choose between:

  • Commercial openSaaS
  • Freemium SaaS
  • Free trial subscription model
  • Paid subscription model

In the presentation, we go over their definitions, actual examples, monetization options, as well as the pros and cons of each pricing model.

Why Choose One Model over Another?

Typically, the market is the one that influences this choice the most. That’s explained by the fact that your business needs to assess the solution maturity on the market, the will to invest in the solution, the roadmap and probably most importantly, the targeted customer profile.

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SaaS Pricing and Go-to-Market Models | NNC Services

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