OSF Global Services


OSF Global Services is a dynamic IT Services & Consultancy provider established in 2003. The company, headquartered in Quebec, Canada, has 5 development centers in Romania and Ukraine. OSF Global Services is specialized in IT consulting, enterprise applications development and business process outsourcing for corporations in 17 countries.


OSF Global Services was acquiring new sales and business opportunities mainly from their network of contacts without actively pursuing these. While this worked up to a certain level of the initial business maturation, it did became a challenge once the business needed to expand it’s customer reach beyond referential opportunities to keep up the challenging trend of 100% increase in yearly turnover. This meant developing new channels to sell and market within the constraints of lack of resources allocated on the marketing and sales functions, a need for a fast return on marketing and investment while ensuring a quick project ramp-up and cost-effective alternatives.

OSF Global Services required further alignment of customer and market perception of the business with its current levels of maturity and service quality, to reflect the high value for money return on their solution offering.