The Client

Gopler is a fast-growing web development company, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. With a wide expertise in Java and PHP, as well as on Oracle Middleware and Business Intelligence, the company addresses clients from the United States, Canada and Western Europe, in order to deliver a wide variety of websites and web-based systems. The client works with both web development companies that need to outsource part of their work as well as with marketing agencies that need to provide web development services to their clients, besides their main offerings.


Although Gopler had several collaborations with companies from the external markets, most customers came from the local market, Bulgaria. The company needed to increase the pool of prospects and the number of collaborations with companies from the USA and Western Europe for its web development outsourcing services.


Although Gopler’s interest was to start the demand generation campaigns as soon as possible, we had to face a considerable delay due to the fact that the new website was not ready to be launched.

The client had company presentations and other collaterals, but they needed to be updated in order to be used in our demand generation campaign.

Being a young company, although, with great expertise in various technologies, Gopler did not have the actual experience in some of these areas, so we had to conduct strategic discussions with the client in order to identify the most relevant differentiators as an East-European outsourcing company.