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German Market Entry Webinar Recording

On the 27th of September, 2017 we had the pleasure of hosting an exclusive webinar “Kick start your market entry in Germany” organized by NNC Services in partnership with Sttugart-based BWBB (BW Business Bridge). The participants found out how to build access and communication paths between the Romanian and German companies.

NNC Services partners BWBB to help Romanian IT outsourcing companies expand their business on the German market. BWBB identifies, validates and certifies foreign companies for the German market. Their focus lies on preparing and strengthening IT outsourcing companies for the specific expectations of German clients.

Among the things discussed during the webinar we can mention:

  • How to build access and communication paths with German companies;
  • What are the two main obstacles that German companies have with foreign vendors (the language is not one of them);
  • What German companies look for initially when assessing a potential foreign vendor;
  • What type of German companies you can reach through BWBB;
  • Sales cycle duration for ITC german market;
  • Examples of strategies elaborated for companies, regardless the team size and composition;
  • Different aspects about providing consulting services to open-source worldwide software solutions;

Till Hahndorf – Lead Auditor at BW Business Bridge and Ulrich Benz – CEO, BW Business Bridge gave details about the penetration of the German market and exemplified the development of a strategic business over there, building key accounts and how BWBB can help your company reach potential customers.

If you missed the webinar, you can register here and get access to the full video material.

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