NNC And SDnet Launch A Significant Initiative On The Press Distribution Market

The marketing and management consulting company NNC Services organized, in partnership with SDnet, a company activating in software product development for press distribution, the launching event of a new generation of management integrated tools for press distribution under the Sales and Distribution NETwork – SDnet platform.


The event, organized on November 5th at the Intercontinental Hotel, has gathered professionals from mass media, and presented solutions for managing and coordinating the distribution process in press companies. The event’s agenda fully reflected the challenges faced by the press distributors: the need to optimize and accelerate the distribution process, the duration of the sales process, the identification and easy manipulation of all registered information in the system, real-time access to reports, such as customer and sub customer-related, orders, sales, numbers of copies, registrations, bookkeeping, etc.


Dan Apostolache, distribution manager at Publimedia International, declared that this software has efficiently contributed to solving a series of problems that appear in the press distribution. Mrs. Gabriela Vlad, distribution manager at Can Can, has mentioned that SDnet has become one of the most important work tools for her company, thanks to its varied functionalities: optimizing orders, sales classifications, accurate lists with notices, bills or number of copies.


The special guests at the event were the representatives of the Romanian Audit Bureau of Circulations, among which Arina Ureche, General Manager RABC, welcomed the initiative of bringing a new level of professionalism in the press distribution management by using these management tools. She pointed out these initiatives to be highly beneficial for the growth of the Romanian press market industry.


During the event a study was conducted on the challenges involved in the management and coordination of the press distribution process, a study that will lead to the improvement of the SDnet platform and, also, to creating new functions. The study is also relevant for the managers of the press distribution companies as a benchmark for their own activities versus the best practices on the market. The results of the survey are available upon request and a summary of those results will be presented on the company’s website www.sdnetonline.ro after the information will have been disseminated.