Google AdWords: Common Traps You Want to Avoid

Google AdWords is an important part of content marketing. As any content marketing tool, Google AdWords’ goal is to reach your specific customers by-passing any third-party media, and providing relevantr content for them.

Google AdWords is an effective way to advertise online that is accessible to anyone. The problem is that people who occasionally use this resource seldom get the results they want and end up paying for poor results or even for nothing.

If you want to make the most out of Google AdWords, avoid the following mistakes:


Not thinking of content optimization

Before thinking of an AdWords campaign you should not underestimate the Google AdWords content optimization. Google’s content network is completely different from the search network and to get good results from it you need a particular content optimization approach. The most appropriate decision would be to let the content optimization in the hands of your AdWords account representative who could give you professional advices.


Wrong or missing phrases/keywords 

Many persons who start using Google AdWords forget to use phrases or keywords in the title or description of the advertorial. Yes, it is important that your website content writer to create accurate copy that sells the product, but you will not get any prospects unless you connect the client search through Google Ad by using key phrases.

Another mistake is to exaggerate using keywords and creating a huge list of undefined obscure words.

Be careful when using too general keywords, because they will be more expensive than specific precise words.


Paying too high tariffs for your PPC offer (Pay Per Click)

Another common mistake among AdWord users is to pay too much for the PPC keywords/key phrases that they are looking for. If you set the PPC rates too high, you will end up auctioning against companies that most likely have huge advertising budgets. Even if you win the battle for 1-3 top positions on display, you will pay more than your company can afford.


Wrong established destination 

When creating a Google Ad, you have the opportunity to put in the URL in the description. When someone is accessing your advertorial where does that page send the link to? Many persons choose the company’s Homepage, which seems like a good idea until you realize that in this culture where everyone is in a hurry, people are not interested to look up information on your site to find what they are looking for.

If you’re selling colored customized laptops for each client, your Google Ad for Apple personalized laptops should send the customers directly to the page that presents the opportunities and acquisition methods.

If you created different advertorials for your products and services, why would you direct all of them to your homepage?


Paying too small tariffs for your PPC offer

Just as you pay too much for the PPC offer, you can also pay too little. While paying large amounts can put you in conflict with larger companies, paying too small tariffs can place your Ad towards the second Google search page. If your ad ends up on the second page, you have basically worked for nothing:  most of the persons don’t look any further from the first page.


Conceiving a poor ad

Most persons don’t make the necessary effort to establish the message they want to communicate and the best alternative to render it. If you’re not good with words, then find a professional website content writer who can do that for you. A badly-conceived ad won’t bring any benefit to you.


Selecting the wrong geographical region

If you are a huge company like Coca Cola, then you can probably afford using Google AdWords throughout the entire Internet. But even in this case, they choose the advertorials that appear depending on the region they are accessed from.

One of the most serious mistakes is choosing the wrong region. This means that while you are trying to attract consumers from Andover (U.K.) for instance, your advertorial appears in Adover (S.U.A.) and you will pay an extra price because of the fierce competition in that area for some words that in your own area might cost almost nothing.


Learning nothing from statistics

When you create an Ad Campaign through Google AdWords, you receive from Google a series of statistics to help you optimize your online strategy. The fact that you do not use this information means that you are not taking advantage of the opportunities offered in order to get feedback and traffic for your site.


Linguistics-related challenges 

Just as you can select the region you want your ad to appear in, you can choose the language in which the ad will be displayed. Don’t waste your time with optimizing the ad for other languages than the ones you use in business.


Using the same ads, even if this doesn’t work

One of the most common mistakes is to use the same old ads even if they don’t seem to work.


The conviction that, once posted, advertorial administers itself

If you have no time to administer your ad, then you can look among the companies that deal with this kind of campaign in order to get assistance.