Personal Branding

As an executive, your brand is your most valuable asset. Whether your ultimate objective is to expand your network for sales opportunities or position yourself as a thought leader in a specific area, we have the right mix of services for you.


Monthly Packages (unless specified otherwise)SmallMediumLarge
Social media set up (one time fee)2 networks3 networks3 networks
LinkedIn professional networkingx
Social community networking2 networks3 networks3 networks
Influencers networking and engagementxx
Content marketing – writing and promotion3 articles4 articles
Monitoring and reportingMonthlyMonthlyWeekly
Project Managementxxx
Deliverables (based on previous projects):
Increased traffic from social media with 5%Increased traffic from social media with 10%Increased traffic from social media with 20%
1 reply2 replies3 replies
Estimated number of interactions:2 Estimated number of interactions:4Estimated number of interactions:6
Set up calls per month: 1Set up calls per month: 2Set up calls per month: 4

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