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B2B Marketing
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Are you ready for your own dedicated team? As a sales manager, you need great leads and opportunities for your sales consultants. A pre-sales department does just this, and we can be your partners in helping you achieve this!

Our dedicated teams’ service, functioning as your own marketing resource management is here to help you.

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    • Customized services
    • A dedicated project manager
    • Full-time resources
    • Weekly progress reports
    • A virtual extension of your own team
    • Experience in B2B tech
    • Proven accountable results
    • Improved ROI

    NNC is successfully outsourcing demand generation teams for big IT providers such as Enea, CodeMyImage, and Blogdash.

    A team of experienced B2B marketers that can help you:

    • Generate viable leads for your sales team.
    • Conduct the b2b telemarketing/telesales process
    • Manage your user acquisition campaigns
    • Develop content and manage social media accounts
    • Handle all the marketing automation activities and tools
    • Support you with any other b2b marketing activities and tasks

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